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About Our Latin Dance Instructor Training Course

Enrolment closes Sunday 31 May

Rio Rhythmics' Mission

To support people to improve their lives by bringing people together in an environment where they can connect with others in a healthy way. Where community is key, and everyone feels included, “at home” and a part of something bigger.  

Providing an opportunity to have healthy physical contact with others, which is essential to human health, and to improve people’s wellbeing through developing more mind-body connection.  

We do this through high-quality, professional Latin dance tuition with a focus on “dancing for life”, the social aspect of dancing, and also by sharing the South American culture. We strive to create a place and environment which is positive and rewarding for our team and clients alike.  

We are all about improving lives through Latin dance, culture and community.  

Welcome to our Tribe!

About Our Instrcutor Training Course


This course is for you if you love Latin dance, culture and people. If you feel called to work with, or dive deeper into, the passion you've developed for Latin dance or for working with people to positively impact their life.  

You could be someone who simply wants to expand your knowledge for yourself, maybe you want to become an instructor at a dance studio you know (or with us), or to open your own classes in your local area.  

If you own a performing arts or dance studio and wish to add a new service to your timetable, or if you already run a Latin dance studio and want to up-skill and learn proven curriculum and teaching pedagogy.  

Pre-requisites are simple an openness to learn, a genuine willingness to help people, basic training in Latin dance or other dance styles, compassion and a huge love of Latin dance and culture. 


On successful completion of this course you will come away with the skills and knowledge to start teaching quality Latin dance beginner and foundation courses and have a base you can build on.  

You will also develop the essential leadership and community building skills to create your own or help build someone's tribe.  

You will have learnt a proven and time tested curriculum for introducing people to Latin dance which you can implement into your classes through a licensing agreement. Please note, our curriculum content remains proprietary property of Rio Rhythmics and is used in this course for training purposes, should you wish to teach this curriculum following successful completion of this course you may apply to licence it.


There are many way's you can create a career with your new skills, here are a few ideas, though the options are really up to your imagination!  

  •  Add this to your current position as a primary or secondary school teacher.
  •  Approach dance academies who run kids and youth programs to offer your services to expand their timetable into evening adult Latin dance classes. 
  •  Apply to teach at an established Latin dance school.
  •  Apply to teach with us at Rio Rhythmics.
  •  You can licence the Rio Rhythmics Starter and Foundation Curriculums to run classes following our unique curriculum structure. 
  •  Start your own Latin dance business. We recommend you add on our Business and Marketing Course Training or reach out about becoming an affiliate school.


Our Founding Director, Tarcisio Teatini-Climaco migrated to Australia in 1989 after a long professional dance career in Ballet and as a Master of Capoeira, a Brazilian martial art. 

He grew up with his parents dancing around the dining table, and always had a passion for social dancing. 

After moving to Brisbane, Australia he realised an opportunity to share his culture and passion for people and after running community dance classes opened the Rio Rhythmics doors officially in 1994. 

Rio Rhythmics was born from a desire to share the rich South American culture through dance and martial arts, and has grown into movement dedicated to improving people's lives through Latin dance, culture and community. 

We're proud of the incredibly diverse and invlusive community we have built along with our inspiring and passionate team, and we're dedicated to high quality Latin dance tuition and training. 


When you join Rio Rhythmics training, you'll be joining some of the most motivated people on the planet—motivated to transform their lives and their members' lives.

At Rio Rhythmics you're not just going to learn how to teach steps, you're going to become a leading instructor with deep cultural knowledge, the ablility to diognose and demonstrate what your students need, understand the core skills and atributes (plus be on your way to gaining them) of a truly proficient Latin dance instructor. 

You're signing up for a full support system. From training resources, 1:1 coaching, live immersion trainings, and access to our full Academy offerings. 

You'll get to know us and we'll get to know you and your goals.


When our trainers are supported, our members succeed. We've set high standards and created structures to help make your training smoother and more satisfying.

We look for people who are compassionate, genuinly willing to help, who are people focused, great communicators and who have good life and dance experience. 

Then we share our knowledge with you and support you to become the dancer and instructor you wish to be. 



  • Our enthusiasm shines through every interaction.
  • Our clients can feel how much we enjoy being here—it's contagious.
  • We believe that work is part of life and should be something you love.


  • We're always ready to go above and beyond.
  • We believe that it takes a village, and strive to create an environment where you are supported and energised to support.
  • We participate in, support and partner with charitable organizations.


  • Our team are central to the success of our whole. We are better together.
  • The wellbeing and personal dance journey of our team and members is paramount to our success.
  • Creating a community is at the heart of what we do.


  • We hold the feelings, wishes and rights of others in high regard. 
  • We accept everyone is different and brings their uniquness to our team.
  • We strive to listen hard and not jump to conclusions.


  • We speak up in the moment when we have a disagreement.
  • We believe that the uncomfortable conversations are the most critical ones to have.
  • We change course if we discover a better alternative to the existing plan.


  • We believe in creating a consistant environment where people can feel comfortable at all times. 
  • We can be relied upon to deliver what we promise. 
  • We know that creating stability and harmony provide an environment where people can flourish. 


Our teaching methadology is not like any other in our industry, with us you will learn more than how to teach dance movement. You will become a leader, with a deep knowledge of the culture you represent.

We're focused on excellence teaching and Latin dance with a focus on supporing people to improve their life - team and membrs.

From extensive training opportunities to 1:1 mentorship, we want to help you build well rounded skills you can put into practice with us, or by creating your own Latin dance tribe. 

Register your interest below to find out more about our Instructor & Curriculum Training Course and all the extra's you'll receive when you take the leap into making a career out of your passion.